After studying classical and contemporary music  composition at the Quebec Conservatory of Music in Montreal, Omrām focuses on the impact of sounds, rhythms and music on the psyche, body and soul through the different cultures and spiritualities.

Initiated in Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga and various complementary techniques of meditation, Omrām deeply explored the ancient spiritual science of awakening by the use of sacred sounds, their influence on the different energy centers called chakras.

A pioneer in Quebec in using sounds and mantras as awakening techniques, Omrām directed a meditation center known as "Centre Éveil”, where he has conducted seminars on self-awakening through the use of mantras from various traditions. By his approach, hundreds of searchers learned to feel the impact of sound on the different bodies, physical to spiritual, through relaxation techniques and meditation.

After many years of research and refinement of his approach, he offers us a music that talks to the body and the soul and leads to a profound inner peace.

The album is now available.  It can be purchased at the page Origines

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